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Shomik Sengupta

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Education and training

Assoc Prof Sengupta has trained as a urologist under the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, completing a four-year program administered by the Victorian section of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand. Preparatory to this, he had completed five years of prerequisite training, including basic surgical skills and general surgery. After qualifying as a urologist, Assoc Prof Sengupta has undertaken a further two-year fellowship in Urologic oncology (obtaining further training in the treatment of urological cancers) at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA, under the Society of Urologic Oncology. On an ongoing basis, Assoc Prof Sengupta undertakes Continuing Professional development at or above the level mandated by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Research and publications

Assoc Prof Sengupta is actively involved in urological research, particularly in the areas of prostate cancer and bladder cancer. Assoc Prof Sengupta has published a number of research papers, review articles and book chapters (click here or here for a list of his published papers). Previously, Assoc Prof Sengupta has completed a Masters in Surgery through the University of Melbourne (click here for description), undertaking research on colorectal cancer, and a Doctorate of Medicine (click here for description) on prognostic factors in urologic malignancies.

Assoc Prof Sengupta is committed to developing better cancer care. He is the leader of the Oncology Special advisory group of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand (USANZ). He is also a Board Director and a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate Cancer Trials Group (ANZUP), which aims to develop collaborative uro-oncology research. He is also in the process of implementing institutional protocols for the treatment of patients with urologic cancers. Assoc Prof Sengupta is also a member of the Urological Cancer Committee of the Clinical Network of the Cancer Council of Victoria, which aims to foster research and education into urological cancers.


Assoc Prof Sengupta participates in teaching urological trainees and medical students in his role as Director of Training and Research at Austin Health, Heidelberg. Assoc Prof Sengupta has served on the Victorian Training, Assessment and Education committee of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand in various capacities, including as chair of the committeefrom 2014 to 2016. Assoc Prof Sengupta has previous experience in tutoring anatomy to medical students at the University of Melbourne (1996), Trinity College (1996-7) and Stanford University, CA (1997). Assoc Prof Sengupta has a passion for patient education, which has motivated him to develop this website.

Awards and honours

  • Best poster prize at Victorian Section ASM of USANZ, 2016 (Senior co-author)
  • Alban Gee Prize for best poster at USANZ 2014
  • Best paper prize at Victorian Section ASM of USANZ, 2012 (Senior co-author)
  • Best paper by trainee/fellow at ANZUP cancer trials group ASM, 2012 (Senior co-author)
  • AUA-Astellas prize (2007) for best abstract on prostate cancer
  • Kelalis Prize (2005 & 2006) for best paper, Minnesota Urological Society
  • ESR Hughes Prize (2002) for best research paper, Cabrini Hospital (click for report)
  • Harry Ross Prize (2001) for best paper, Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • RC Bennett Prize (2000) for best research paper, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Dean's Honours list (1993) for academic achievements in medical school, University of Melbourne


Assoc Prof Sengupta's interests outside of work include his family and friends, sport, travel, music, reading and photography.

Click here to download Assoc Prof Sengupta's curriculum vitae

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