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This website has been developed by Professor Shomik Sengupta, FRACS, who is a urologist practicing in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

A urologist is a medical practitioner specialising in diseases affecting the urinary system (both male and female) or the male reproductive system. Thus, urologists treat diseases of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, penis, testicles and adrenal glands, including tumours (cancers and others), infections, stones, blockage (obstruction), injuries etc.

Urologists may utilise a variety of medications and surgical procedures to treat patients. Some diseases may have a number of alternative treatment options, with advantages and disadvantages to each. Many medical and surgical treatments also have potential risks and complications. The best choice of treatment for a particular person is directed by many specific factors and requires a careful and thorough discussion with their urologist.

This website aims to provide some information on urologic diseases, medications and surgical procedures, primarily for the lay person. Hopefully it may also be useful for health professionals. As far as possible, the content of this site is based on currently available scientific evidence or expert opinion. However, the information conveyed is of a general nature, and should not substitute for appropriate medical advice from a urologist.

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